TPMS Sensor warranty registration

Welcome to the REDI-Sensor TPMS warranty registration site. Here, professional service shops and DIY consumers can register their REDI-Sensor TPMS sensor purchases.

You can register as a ‘guest,’ or create an account to make it faster and easier to register multiple TPMS sensors over time. 

We recommend that service providers create an account to be able to easily manage multiple product registrations over time. It’s a real time saver, and it will allow you to go back and view past registrations.

You can register both REDI-Sensor and OE Replacement TPMS Sensors here.

Keep your TPMS tool up to date

If you do TPMS service, you need to make sure your TPMS tool is updated with the latest software.

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Register VDO TPMS products as a ‘guest’

Click the button below to register for your warranty(s) without having to creating an account. Note: By not creating an account, you will not have access to view the registration(s) in the future without contacting Continental customer service.

Add a product registration

Create an account to easily manage multiple TPMS product registrations

Have multiple warranty registrations? Multiple customers? Register for an account to be able create registrations quickly and view your completed warranty registrations on demand.

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